Epson L361 Printer Resetter ( Adjustment Program ) Free Download

EPSON L361 Resetter Adjustment Program Free Download. EPSON L361 Resetter Software & EPSON L361 statement Software Free Download. Today we’ll present a new resetter tool to your EPSON L361 printer. EPSON L361 printer is an ultra-high-performance, multifunctional printer.

The EPSON L361 printer is not working properly, it cannot connect to the computer.

All the above solutions are to download and install the EPSON L361 driver for the printer.

A note for you is that you need to download the appropriate driver for each computer race such as Win, Mac.

Because each driver is compatible with each operation system.

After downloading, double click on the file and follow the program’s instructions and here is the download link for you:

How to Reset Epson L361 Printer:

  • Download the EPSON L361 Printer resetter in this post.
  • Extract the results of your downloaded resetter earlier, in which there is a file named “Adjprog.exe“, double-click on the file. Tip: Before extracting it is better to deactivate the anti-virus for a while, this is done just in case the resetter is not removed by the anti-virus.
  • After the program opens, please select the type of EPSON L361 printer and the port you are using. Usually, this can also be done automatically using the “Auto selection” mode for that port.
  • Then click the “Particular Adjustment Mode” button.
  • Select “Waste ink pad counter” in the “maintenance” menu.
  • Click “Ok“, then in the “Check & initialization” section do not forget to check the “Main pad counter” option, click “Check” then click “Initialize“. If the error clicks again until there is no error.
  • Finally click “Finish” and immediately turn off the printer when the light blinks and a pop-up appears to turn off your EPSON L361 printer.
  • Finish, and restart your EPSON L361 printer.

Reset your EPSON L361 printer very quickly through some easy steps. No Paid Tool, No Authorised Service Engineer needed Totally Free. Even I have reset my EPSON L361 printer within a minute though resetter EPSON L361.

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